The ultimate guide to using free images on your blog

using free images

The Internet is fast becoming visual. On social media, we have seen Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest traffic skyrocket in the past few months and nearly all of them have attributed their success to image sharing. All the content that people read online is increasingly becoming more focused on being visually appealing, and your content should not be an exception. Even if you are a guru when it comes to content generation, you should start considering using images in your blogs if you desire to attract more visitors to your site.

 Image creation

There are many image development tools online which you can efficiently use. Apart from PowerPoint, an option which has been with us for the past many years, you can use PicMonkey which it offers a choice of editing high-quality photos. PicMonkey has lots of free options which offers one the opportunity of creating original images and use them on his blog. However, if you are the type of blogger who loves editing photos, you might consider paying for the premium feature.

 Finding Images for your blog

You do not always have to spend time creating images for your blog post. Currently, there are thousands of images online which are free to use. By subscribing to sites like Stock photos, among others, you can be sure of getting different image options whenever you need them. The catch here is that you must pay for the images, i.e. by the imaging license. However, if you do not in any way wish to spend any amount of money to get high-quality images, you still can use browse and search for sites that offer free photos. Some of these sites include Unsplash, Free Digital Photos and IM Free.

 Placing images on your blog

This is perhaps the most challenging task you will be required to carry out. For starters, if you put an image in the wrong place, you will not only confuse your clients but at the same time create a picture of unprofessionalism. So, how do you go about it?

Start by placing one image on the top part of your blog post, i.e. above the folder. You want to grab your targeted readers’ attention immediately as he opens your blog. So, make sure your image is the first thing he sees when he opens your blog. If you plan to use more pictures, try and align them at the centre or the right side of your post. These positions are useful since they will make it easy for your readers to follow along.

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